Pheasant Plucker’s Wife

Alfred climbing aboard at the start of our trip. Sayonara Waukesha!

Mom and I hit the road for Rapid City, SD at 10:30 this morning. We made it as far as Madison, SD, which is a wee bit north of Sioux Falls. ‘Bout a 550 mile drive, all told.

I’d say that’s enough for one day, wouldn’t you?

Today brought us:

  • David and RAM looking after the ferrets. (Thankyouthankyouthankyou!)
  • A visit to the Spam Museum in Austin, MN. (It’s the only thing in Austin, MN.)
  • A late lunch at the McDonald’s in Blue Earth, MN. (Claim to fame: A 55′ tall Jolly Green Giant statue marking the halfway point of I-90, the longest freeway in the US.)
  • An 8-ish pm check in at the AmericInn here in Madison, SD. (They have free wifi, a pool, a hot tub, clean rooms, and are the only hotel you’ll see between here and Sioux Falls.)

Spam, egg, spam, spam, bacon, and spam...

Mom and I hit the pool second thing (first thing: checking our email) after arriving. There were only two other people in the pool room at the time; a married couple in their late 60s. They drove here from Florida by way of Bronson, MO and Nebraska to visit family and check out hubby’s childhood haunts. Now that, my friends, is a road trip.

The husband asked if we were here with our husbands for pheasant hunting season. No. No hunting for us, this trip. Though I did hit a bunny going 75 on the freeway in the pitch blackness of South Dakota at night.

I was going 75, not the bunny.

Actually: For a brief period the bunny was also going 75.

On the docket for tomorrow morning we have a visit to De Smet, SD, home of Laura Ingalls Wilder during the period of time covered in her book Little Town on the Prairie. It’s a real girly-book-nerd kind of day, and Mom and I are both very much looking forward to it. :)

As for the afternoon– oh who knows. We just go where the road takes us. Free spirits, that’s us. Free spirits with an eye on the calendar and the gas gauge.

Sweet dreams, from South Dakota.



  1. DeSmet! Takes lots and lots of pictures and spare no detail! I have yet to take my Laura Ingalls Wild-Tour where I visit all of her homes.

  2. It’s like driving through Illinois, only sideways.

    Don’t miss Murdo and it’s huge old car collections. Many buildings and sheds full of worn out very dusty and dirty cars from forever ago. The best part is the pre-recorded tapes that play when you enter the building, they’re a hoot.

    Here is the website. It’s even a little like a fifties roadside attraction.:

  3. The Laura Ingalls Wilder house, would so be a stop on my road trip. Just saying, not a girl. Just a dude who digs the Little House…. :)

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