Mural, mural on the wall

Welcome to My Abstract

And so the walls of Waukesha became kickass, arts in the community flourished, and everyone was reminded there’s more to life than function.

Welcome to My Actual Post

Photo swiped from the "mural's" blog. Nice folks. Check 'em out.

First there was Chris Vincent’s mural that went up on the side of Discount Liquor. There was crud, then there was nothing, then there was this giant thing paying homage to all the quaint, homey stuff that makes our town quaint and homey.

I realize there was a process involved in getting it up there, and that the whole thing took some time, but am I the only one who doesn’t remember much in between there being nothing and there being lots of stuff?

I wonder if the artist was ticked about having to incorporate the Discount Liquor parking sign into the painting. I’d’a been a little annoyed, personally. She doesn’t look too mad in the picture, but it’s hard to tell from this distance. Maybe DL paid her off with some sort of Free-Wine-A-Month deal? She should take that. I’d take that.

Today on my way to the library I noticed another mural going up in Ye Olde Historic Towne of Waukesha, this time over in the fashionable “West End.”

Side note: Did you know we had a West End here in Waukesha? I didn’t know we had a West End. We always just referred to it as “the part of town by Planned Parenthood a  couple blocks past the House of Guinness right before the road curves at the war memorial that’s always covered in spiders…”

The Waukesha Tattoo Company's new mural

So anyway, I happened to drive past this new mural as the artist (whose name I didn’t get because I’m a doofus and forgot to ask) was taking a break from his work, presumably to bask in its coolness. Being the sort of adult who doesn’t get into the whole “responsibilities” thing, I had plenty of time in the middle of a work day to stop over and ask Mr. Umm… about the piece.

Apparently Mr. Umm does stuff like this all over the darn place. He gets commissioned out for everything from palatable-corporate-pb&j stuff, to crazy-sledge-hammer-tree-trompe-l’œil stuff like this piece here on the side of the Waukesha Tattoo Company.

You: The Waukesha Tattoo Company in Waukesha’s hip West End?

Me: Yes, that Waukesha Tattoo Company.

If you live around here it’s worth checking out. May as well check out the inside too, while you’re at it. This shop won 1st place (out of a whopping 35 entrants) in the “Best Tattoo and Piercing” category on this year’s WISN A-List. The pics on their blog of the interior are incredible. What a gorgeous shop. No joke. I’d office here. I wonder if they rent out space to non-tattoo/piercing artists… Oh my God. Can you imagine setting up a writing table in a place like this?! *sighs dreamily*

ETA: Facebook to the rescue! The WTC mural artist is Adam Nilson. Check out his website and tell me the rest of his trompe-l’œil stuff didn’t totally blow you away.

Welcome to My Conclusion

The sledge hammer in the picture isn’t real, and I apologize for the corny title of this post.



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