Self-Diagnosing vs. The Internet

After doing a little self-diagnosing with WebMD I’m thinking maybe I’ve got… bronchitis?

And not, like, Big Bad Scary Bronchitis. Just plain old Regular Type Bronchitis, which is not nearly as milkable for sympathy since its main symptoms are coughing up stuff, being sleepy, and having an annoying voice.

WebMD saysmost cases of acute bronchitis in otherwise healthy people go away in 2 to 3 weeks.”

I’m “otherwise healthy” and I’ve already had it for about a week. Thank you, Internet, for giving me a time frame for Bronchitis Countdown 2011.

It also says “you typically only need nonprescription medicines to treat your symptoms.”

Enter: Eclectic Kitchen Cabinet Pharmacy. Vitamin B, vitamin C, echinacea, lotsa water, ibuprofen, hot tea with honey, a delicious-stage-of-ripeness banana, three apples, key lime yogurt… I will OWN you, bronchitis!

I would appreciate any home remedy recommendations you may have to offer in addition to my using the things listed above. Any Mom Tricks, special teas, spells besides “Anapneo” (which totally didn’t work)… That’s actually the reason for this post: Get-Better-Quick advice. And yes I know I could Google how to treat it, but that doesn’t tend to yield as many worthwhile personal recommendations, and it doesn’t allow for follow-up questions.

And I really do need some good tips on how to kick this thing. I’ve gotten it for about a month every late-Spring/early-Summer since ’07 and every time there’s about a week long span of sleepless nights in which my chest feels like it’s being used for a caber toss field. (Still not sympathy-milkable right now as this year’s bout has not reached telephone-pole-tossing proportions.)

Advice? Tips? Suggestions? Leave ’em in the Comments below!



  1. This is going to sound stupid but… have you tried taking a Claritin or an allergy relief somethingorother and seeing if it clears up any of your symptoms? If you get bronchitis every spring, it could be instigated by allergies you didn’t know you had. That happened to me last year, actually. I went several weeks with a cough that wouldn’t go away and a friend handed me a Claritin. Within the hour I could breathe and get on with life. It was amazing.

    1. Not remotely stupid. I kind of assume it’s brought on by some unknown allergen or barometric change or SOMEthing since it happens every year somewhat around the same time. Sounds reasonable, right?

      I tried Claritin and Benadryl for it last year (the first few years I kept forgetting I’d had it at the same time the previous year so it didn’t occur to me to give that a whirl), but neither did anything to improve my symptoms. I took a Claritin yesterday morning, and another one this morning, but so far no change.

      It’s so frustrating not knowing what brings it on. Going to keep trying along those lines, though. I figure even if it turns out not to be from some demon pollen or something, at least taking some allergy meds will keep any actual allergies at bay so their symptoms don’t make my cough feel worse. Plus the Benedryl helps me sleep! :)

  2. Bleahhhh. I hate bronchitis.
    Almost all of my colds become a raging case of the inflamed bronchials,
    And I hates it.

    Sorry you have it!

    Taking a hot, steamy shower helps break up the thicker phlegm;
    I’ve also found that bending over while I cough brings it up more easily.

    Honey, lemon, and hot water do wonders for soothing a scratched up throat, too.

    You may also need to sleep sitting up right in order to keep from coughing all night.

    1. I’m trying to sleep at least somewhat horizontally as long as I can. If I get that weight in my chest, though, I absolutely can’t. It seriously feels like my rib cage is filled with lead and held down by elephants when it gets like that. But this year… I dunno, man. It feels like I might be bypassing that part this time around. *crosses fingers* Here’s hoping!! :D

      I’ve got plenty of pillows at the ready, though, to prop my li’l princess self up at night if this bronchial pea gets too aggravating. :P

      Bending over while coughing, eh? I’ll have to try that…

      I saw on FB you’re also feeling a little sick; when are you stopping by? I don’t want to put the water on for tea too early or it’ll just be cool by the time you get here.

    1. I can think of no better cure! I’m actually all cleared up now, but I’m sure I can pick it up again. I’ll let you know when I’m good ‘n’ sick and we’ll try out your suggestion.

  3. I’m a bit late on this one, BUT…. the remedio of choice here is eucalyptus leaf. Know, I know you may not have one of these in your front yard, but you just might. Go out there and pick a handful, bring them in to the kitchen, and boil them in a bit pot. Once the water’s boiling and the steam’s rolling, turn off the stove, put a towel over your head, and start inhaling. Beware of the heat of the steam, which can burn you if you get too close. This I know for sure. File that away for…… the NEXT time!

    BTW, blog looks great!

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