“It’s always summer in the songs.”

(Linked site is spoiler heavy. Proceed at your own peril.)

Date. The Right. People.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough, folks.

Not only will you gain much higher caliber mutual friends if you date someone you honest-to-God believe is cool, but everything afterward will also be way better when years later you’re still friends with them and with their super cool wife and the two of them mail you a “pop culture care package” out of the blue for absolutely no reason whatsoever thereby causing a beautifully sunny day to suddenly feel that much brighter and amazinger.

You: What comes in a “pop culture care package,” Ruth?

Me: That’s… a little nosy, don’t you think?

You: I don’t– You said you got this package thing and I’m just wondering what’s in it. You’re going to, what, just not say? *pause* Is this a control thing?

Me: A control thi…? No! No. I just don’t feel like I should have to tell you things just because you ask. Or– Did you ever think maybe I wanted to tell you what was in it but that I wanted to be able to volunteer the information instead of having you drag it out of

You: Drag? Whoa, how was that “dragging”–

Me: Yes, drag it out of me. Maybe I wanted to give you the information, huh? You know? Maybe I wanted to give it. To gift it.

You: Okay, you know what I think? I think this is a control thing and that for someone who keeps a public blog you are taking your privacy way too seriou-


You: *close tab*

Right then. Now that we’re alone…

Or "P4k" if you prefer your sweaters threadbare.

Nick Jaina‘s The Beanstalks That Have Brought Us Here Are Gone
Yeasayer‘s Odd Blood
Portugal. The Man‘s In the Mountain In the Cloud
Vampire Weekend‘s Contra
Fleet FoxesHelplessness Blues
Elbow‘s Build A Rocket Boys
The Black KeysBrother

I’m hoping to take a road trip to Montana later this fall (*crosses fingers* *hopes really hard*) and was psyched about all the new music I’d have to listen to during the drive out there after my trip to HPB yesterday. And now with this new stack of CDs? Yeah. This is officially the best road trip soundtrack ever.

Let me know if you want to schedule a speakerphone call with me during the drive. (Rates double during peak hours. Now accepting cash and Paypal. Requests to skip ahead will not be honored.)

(Linked site is spoiler heavy. Proceed at your own peril.)

MST3K, Volume 18 (featuring one of my all time faves, Jack Frost)
Game of Thrones, Season 1

Game of Thrones is HBO’s attempt at creating something which could in some way measure up to the incredible work of fiction that is A Game of Thrones, the first book in the seven book series of George R. R. Martin’s gift to the world, the A Song of Ice and Fire series. The HBO series may very well be awesome, but I wonder if it could ever truly match the heights or the depths to which my imagination traveled when reading the book itself.


Note I Want To Frame Because Friendship Makes Me Happy
“This pop culture care package is courtesy of Laura & James. Enjoy!”

I have to admit I am in a bit of a pickle over getting started on the DVDs, however. I’m just over half way through watching Moonlighting, which will be due back at the library soon. While I know the DVDs I received today are wildly awesomer than anything that could possibly befall Maddie Hayes and David Addison in the remaining episodes of the 80s favorite fourth-wall-buster, I’m hesitant to start something new that I know I won’t be able to turn off until it’s finished, thus guaranteeing me overdue fines for hanging on to the tales of the Blue Moon Detective Agency longer than is allowed.

On the other hand, I received these DVDs for free. I could consider any potential late fees to be the “cost” of ownership. Yeah? Yeah?? Yeah.

All right, then. Lay it on me, HBO…


The rest of this post is for James and Laura…


OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY THE COOLEST! This box seriously made my day! I went to leave my apartment and saw the package leaning against my door and I was so confused because I couldn’t remember ordering anything. And then I opened it and  my jaw dropped and I got all Kristen Stewart breathe-y before jumping up and down all over the living room trying not to drop everything as I zipped through the stack of discs! So exciting!! :D Let me know if you want to come over and watch any of this with me. I just picked up a bunch of frozen pizzas and Diet Mt. Dew this afternoon. You can park in the lot or anywhere out on the street. OMG OMG OMG I AM SO EXCITED! YOU GUYS ROCK SO HARD!!!

*The title of this post is taken from Martin’s A Clash of Kings. “Winter will never come for the likes of us. Should we die in battle, they will surely sing of us, and it’s always summer in the songs. In the songs all knights are gallant, all maids are beautiful, and the sun is always shining.” – Brienne



    1. Me too. :D

      I’m about fifteen minutes into the first episode, and half way through the first can of Mt. Dew. Visually quite lovely so far. Except when it’s dirty. And then it’s lovely-ly dirty.

  1. It’s always a big day when we get a box, too. After reading your post however, I noted there is clearly grand chasm in the execution of the gift box for us and for you.

    Your benefactors are uber cool, hipsters with a mastery of the pop culture entertainment medium. Ours are the southern fried Paw Paws and Meemaws intent on securing the assistance of the local Post master in their bid at the “distance destruction” the branches on their family tree.

    Your box was jammed with literary wonderlands, fantasy film worlds and magical musical microcosms begging to be explored. Ours has grits and Poptarts. Ok, there is also for the third box in a row the same 3 books (you read that right, same books) and more installments in a series that our kids are not “mature” enough to read (but the cover does have a teenage girl on it).

    You box is addressed to the super cool, ultra versatile actress/(read slash) independent woman/ferret mommy/writer/blogger/many other cool things. Ours is addressed to Camille and Caroline’s parents at blah blah blah. While you push ahead forging your identity we are slowly loosing ours.

    In the end your box and ours serves the same purpose. In this big bad world full of meanies there is still someone who loves us and wants to show that love in a tangible way.

    Props on a rockin’ box. o h the friends too, I guess.
    Sorry for the book-like comment.

    1. Okay, first of all? I *love* long (aka “book-like”) comments, so as far as that goes: You’re golden.

      I hope C&C (the daughters, not the music factory) appreciate you two trading in your identities for that of “C&C’s parents.” The Paw Paws and Meemaws must approve, anyway. Curious what book they’ve now sent you three times…

      In my experience, having a picture of a teenage girl on the cover of a book is the first sign it is prooooobably a piece of crap, or poorly structured, mindless titillation. There are exceptions, sure, but oh! are they few and far between. I’m actually thinking of one right now- Monica Hughes’ “Invitation to the Game”- which has featured a drawn image of a young woman on every version I’ve ever seen of the cover, and it is awesome. A “literary wonderland” for young teens, if you will. Methinks I ought to send you folks a care package and include a copy…

      In conclusion: I have the coolest friends, in ways both tangible and palpably untouchable. Who’s blessed? This girl. Right on.

      1. As for the repeat offenders, I must recant my earlier rant slightly. it was 3 books 2 times. Uncanny really, or maybe not so. I can’t remember the titles but clearly if these gems were discovered at a yard sale, a Goodwill store and a used book bargain bin on more than one occasion then they are notable works to dodge. I think in lieu of the classic methodology of a word processor or a notebook the author of said material used items commonly found in ones pockets to engrave their opus in the robust layers of mark-downed oil based paint on the walls of a public restrooms. Later taking photos of manuscript for production.
        Wait a minute, scratch that. I think I have an Idea for a book.

  2. I hate to admit this because to do so will surely reveal my age, but… I flashbacked to the time I fell for the Columbia Records “12 CD’s for a penny” promotion, and received a box full of the newest tunes. I thought I must have been the luckiest mail patron in the U.S. I’m sure that’s how you felt, digging through your goodies.

    And a whole season?!?! I’d be pulling DVD all-nighters for sure! I was a sucker for the library tv series rents, too, although I never lucked up and found David and Mattie there. Pity.

    I guess said boyfriend was worth it, if you ended up with pals like that! ;)

    1. I did the “12 CDs for a penny” thing too! At some point I ended up having to buy an $18 CD, but still– 13 CDs for $18 bucks? I can live with that. ;)

      I did end up putting in a pretty late night finishing the “Game of Thrones” episodes. I started the first one around dinner and had to finish. I don’t think I got to bed until almost 3:30 or 4 am, and I had to be somewhere the next morning, too. Argh… But it was worth the sleepiness!

      And said boyfriend was totally worth it. :D We were friends for years beforehand, and for years since, and I met some of my favorite people ever through him. What can I say? I break up with allll the right people. ;) *heh*

  3. A couple days after mailing that box we purchased The Green Album, listened to it in the car, looked at each other, and said “Ruth’s gonna be pissed she missed out on getting this.”

    Not that we in any way illegally copied and distributed anything in that package …

    How’d you feel about the series overall? I thought the first half was pretty weak, but it got better as it went along and the last three episodes were pretty powerful. Arya is INSPIRED casting, as is Dany and her brother (can’t remember the character name off the top of my head, or the actor name, but DAMN he was awesome). Jaime and Cersei kind of bug me, they play it so bland generic evil and they’re just not pretty enough in my opinion.

    Jon Snow bored me at first, but once they gave him Samwell to banter with he came alive.

    Pretty pumped for season 2, I hope they keep the head of steam they built up and I cannot WAIT to see that sea battle!

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