Shoe Shopping Advice Needed: HELP!

Dear Salomon: Please make this shoe again. It is awesome, but my laces broke. Again. :( Love, Me

I’ve got this sad, beat up old pair of Salomons I’ve been wearing almost daily (no exaggeration) since picking them up for $3 at Goodwill during the spring of 2008. (Mint condition at the time of purchase, I might add. God bless ya, Goodwill.)

These shoes have logged more miles than any pair of shoes should ever be made to log, the bottoms are worn smooth, the laces on both shoes have broken and been retied more than once… and I love them. My favorite pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. Can’t bear to part with them and don’t know how I’ll bring myself to toss them out, but toss them out I must. And soon. There’s just no support left and my dogs are killing me!

I’d love to buy another pair of this same shoe, except that I can’t find them anywhere. The closest I’ve found are these, but none of the retailers they list have the color combo shown on Salomon’s site. What’s up with that??

As such I’m trying to find a replacement pair that looks as much as possible like the ones pictured above. Suggestions? For my part, I want (require/need/demand) gray because I don’t want the shoes to stand out, I like green accents because… because I like green, and I insist that any logos be understated. (I ain’t yer billboard.) And while I prefer traditional laces because they’re easier to replace if something happens to them, whatevertheheck the laces pictured here are called will do in a pinch.

So, time to weigh in, all ye who know about such things. Anything I should be aware of in regard to the shoes or brands listed below? The prices vary quite a bit, but they fit the look I want and I imagine they’re all about equally comfortable. Mostly I’m just leery of diving into an expensive purchase on a type of product I know so very little about. I don’t want to get them and then learn that “Such and such brand is notorious for poor stitching” or “for being full of spiders” or whatever. Tell me now, folks. Tell me now.

Salomon Tiana

The Current Contenders

Teva Sky Lake Trail ($51 + S&H)

Salomon Tiana ($55 + S&H)

Saucony Grid Excursion TR 5 Trail Running ($60 + Free S&H)
I like these, and I like that they’re so (comparatively) cheap. Funny how all it takes are a few pair of hundred dollar shoes on the list to make $60 shoes seem like a real steal.

Oboz Footwear Dash Trail Running ($65 + S&H)
These are pretty sweet.

Merrell Avian Light Ventilator Hiking ($67 + S&H)

Lowa Neutron Walking ($98 + S&H)

Scarpa Persuit Alpine Cross ($100 + Free S&H)
These might just be the front-runners. I hate the thought of spending this much money on shoes, but seeing as I wore $3 shoes almost every single day for three years I figure I’m ahead of the game on this next purchase.

Lowa S-Cope Mesh Trail ($110 + Free S&H)
These shoes are gonna get a lot of wear for a long, long time. Does this kind of material hide dirt and wear or are they gonna look junky right away since the gray is so light? I sure do like ’em.

Suggestions on other sites I should check out? I know there are loads of outdoorsy type online shops, but I figure if any of you have had good shopping experiences at any in particular then I may as well start with those.




  1. Spend the money on a shoe that’s worth it–
    I would stick to the Salomon brand, since you had good luck with them the first time around.

    And seriously,
    it is totally okay to shell out $100 on shoes you wear everyday.

    I spend almost that on my dance shoes for the same reasons–
    they have to be good,
    and they have to last.

    1. You’re right of course. About the cost thing, I mean. I just… oh ugh… That’s 6 months of ferret food! Or a month of me food!

      Gosh. Thinking back to 2008 when I was living on $40 of groceries a month… How the heck did I do that?

      But back to shoes: I agree on the idea of sticking with Salomon because I know it and it works for me, but I’ve also heard great things about Merrells. And most of these sure cost enough to seem impressive. Sheesh.

  2. I, too, recently lost my (brand-new-when-I-bought-them) $3 Goodwill tennis shoes. Mine were Saucony, and they’re still in good shape inside but the tops and sides are all scraped up from the wreck. Stink. My suegra brought me a fresh pair, but I didn’t get to pick colors or styles or anything, just say THANKS when she handed them to me. :) But that works. I say all that to say that I’m a major Saucony fan, but I’d have to agree that sticking with a known thing is good advice. So I vote Saloman, or whatever you find at Goodwill between now and when you make the purchase. hee hee

  3. Sorry Ruth. I don’t haver any experience with this brand. But it sounds like a real quality product if they’ve treated you as well as they did. Since I read your post yesterday, I had a very distinct dream of owning a pair of these shoes myself. And in my dream, I really liked them. …a lot!

    I might have to get a pair…

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