Product Review: Goody Secure Fit Ponytail Holders

It never fails.

You’re away from home, your ponytail holder has been slipping all day, you’re putting your hair back up for the 26th time, and *SNAP*– there it goes. The one ponytail holder you have on you has just broken, leaving you a disheveled mess of static and fly-aways.

Hair bands: Notorious for their rapid loss of elasticity

And it doesn’t matter if you had the foresight to bring a backup, because chances are it’s a piece of crap too. They all are. The elastic is always too tight, or too loose. The casing disintegrates against your fingers, or it comes unwoven like a dollar store finger trap. And if the innards don’t go kaput, the glue at the seam will.

And that’s before you even get them home.

I’ve had long hair most of my life, and for the vast majority of that time I’ve worn it up. As such I have purchased so many hair bands over the years I’m surprised my receipts don’t include thank-you notes from the manufacturers for single-handedly causing their stock to rise every time I check out. It’s the least they could do after forcing me to re-buy these crummy products that lose their shape and usefulness so quickly.

A thank you note, and maybe an apologetic shrug, too; one for each band I’ve had to tie a knot in so I could stretch another use out of it.

Hello lover…

(It’s not that they’re such expensive products, mind you. It’s just that they’re so crappy given their cost. A cost you pay again and again and again…)

I think I may have found a way out of that Buy-Repair-Repair-Rep@#$@*!@#&!-Toss cycle, however, in Goody‘s Secure Fit Ponytail Holders from their StayPut Collection.

I saw these for the first time on September 17th. I was a little hesitant to try them out because it looked like the rubber grips might get stuck in my hair, but I was desperate for something that would actually work, so I dropped $3 bucks (or thereabouts) on a pack of 10 and hoped for the best.

(In the world of ponytail holders that’s actually a pretty steep price for so few pieces. But what can I say? I like to live large.)

I swapped out my current p.o.s. for one of the new Secure Fit holders when I got home… and then forgot about it.


It went on comfortably, my hair didn’t get stuck, the band stretched a good amount (without being too loose), and once I was done it didn’t move. Later in the day I found myself attempting to fix my falling hair out of habit, only to discover everything was still in place, right where I left it.

I wore that same ponytail holder every single day (including removing it and putting it back in repeatedly daily since fixing my hair truly has become a habit after so many years of being forced to do so), and it was just as secure on the last day as it was on the first.

That “last day” came on October 31st when the band snapped as I was putting it on.

That’s right. I wore the same ponytail holder all day, every day, for a month and a half before it finally gave up the ghost.

A study in frustration

The picture to the right features two sad ponytail holders I’ve been using for ages. Both still have strong elastic guts, which is why I kept them even after they were only being held together by wilted casings and frustration. And you’d better believe your hair will get caught in that weak material and those angry knots!

The ponytail holder at the bottom is a Goody Secure Fit hair band. She’s a beauty, ain’t she? Unlike the reanimated corpses top and center… To the far right is the Secure Fit band I wore for a month and a half before it finally broke.

Notice how even after all that time it didn’t stretch out of shape? True the other bands can be jerry-rigged for continued use after breaking, but their serviceable life is as good as ended long before that *SNAP* actually takes place. Whereas the Secure Fit band gave me the same solid, reliable usage right up until the very end.

If you’re on the market for new hair bands and you’re looking for an alternative to the garbage they’ve been selling us over the years, I would definitely recommend you give these Goody bands a whirl. I found mine at Walmart, but I imagine you can find them just about anywhere Goody products are sold.

And if you buy them and don’t like them? Give them to me; I’ll gladly whirl ’em myself. ;)



    1. BTW: I got your message but didn’t call back soon enough after erasing it so I just now remembered it.


      Do we “erase” messages anymore or do we just “delete” them?

  1. I saw these once and did not purchase because I had a flashback on the HBA aisle of this time in middle school when, alas, the ponytail holder popped and I looked like Slash. So I had to use a rubber band from the teacher’s desk, not knowing how I would cry about that later. Ouch. The flashback left me so debilitated that I had to flee the aisle. But you say they did NOT do that stick-to-the-hair-with-a-vengence thing? I may have to re-think. Granted, my hair is now too short, but the little Hagermans are always popping ponytail holders and begging for one from my purse….

    1. That was my biggest concern with these, and that hasn’t been the case. In fact, where I usually pull out tons of hair every time I untangle a hair band from the mass on my head, with these I pull out less– or none. It’s really been quite surprising. Y’all can try mine so you know if they’re worth buying or not.

      1. (I write “y’all” but I don’t actually say it. Just didn’t want you getting all excited about having someone else to toss around “y’all”s with only to find out that wouldn’t actually be the case. :P)

  2. I used to actually carry a spare hair band (FANTASTIC double entendre with that image, by the way) or two on my key rings when I had long hair. Because you never knew when you’d need them…

  3. Clearly I must test run these in the beard. I don’t usually bind the beard as it wants to be free but I am convinced that I must try one. Thanks, I may have just updated? my look. IDK maybe that’s a lateral move for me.

    1. It’s too bad they don’t (as far as I’ve seen) sell multi-color packs. I could bring down a pair and you could work them into patterns. Something argyle-y, perhaps.

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