Paraguay Blog #3: On A Log?

Trees on Ruta 6, Encarnación to Ciudad del Este

There were ghost ants covering my toothbrush. I rinsed them off and brushed my teeth.

Tonight’s rain left trails of clean on my arms.

Last night we talked about Pilar, PY and 1909 Reina-Valera nutjobs proponents.

The night before we talked about “seeker churches” and Louisiana accents.

Tonight we shared “How I ended up with this piece of metal in me” stories.

I wish you were here, but only if you would enjoy this as much as I am, because I am really, really enjoying this.



    1. Only you would ask either of those questions.

      And they’re not. They’re tiny and reddish brown and when you squash them they stink like vinegar. They show up by the hundreds. It’s so frustrating it’s almost beautiful.

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