Paraguay Blog #10: What do you do with a drunken sailor?

I’ve never really known. Not that it matters right now, of course. Drunken sailors have nothing to do with this post. Goats, however, make an appearance at one point, and they’re about equally as likely to butt heads with each other.

But first: A trip to the salon grocery store.

Camille being a great sport by letting me snap pics while she looked *slightly* ridiculous.

Camille wanted to put purple streaks in her hair for her upcoming birthday party, which is awesome. Her parents were totally on board with the idea, which is also awesome. Maybe even awesomer.

But before heading to the salon to undergo the actual coloring process, she had to head over to the grocery store to buy the hair color for the stylist.

Now maybe that’s not unusual where you come from, and I don’t mean to diss it because it’s just a different way of playing the same game, but where I come from the hospital doesn’t make you bring your own bedding, bandages, and medicine, and the salon doesn’t make you bring your own hair dye.

But there we were at Stock (the local grocery store) combing the shelves for just the right shade of purple hair dye to take with us to the shop.

And then we got to the shop…

…and it was not like shops I have known.

Good Sport Camille going through the final rinse

And you know what? That is A-OK. And Camille’s hair turned out super cute. And I got to watch the whole thing from my perch on the living room couch, right at the heart of all the action.

Another thing you don’t  often run into back home in good ol’ Waukesha, WI are Porch Goats. You know, like– the kind that wander around the yard? And then find their way onto your porch? And then lick bugs and bird poop off the bricks on your house while you’re busy fixing your car?

*lick lick lick*

Like I said: Porch Goats.

They like to hang out around Porch Ken while he fixes Porch Car. Though sometimes he gets it wrong and ends up trying to take Porch Bidet out for a drive.

*vroom vroom vroom*

But most of the time he gets it right so the car drives just fine. (The bidet not so much.)

Somewhat akin to Porch Goats are Yard Horses. They’ve only wandered across the grounds once since I’ve been here, and they didn’t stick around long once the dog poked his head outside to let them know whose house this is, but they did stay around long enough for me to snap a few picks.

A caballo is a caballo, of course. Of course! And no one can talk to a caballo, of course...

All along the water tower
Caroline kept the view
While all the horses came and went.
Barefoot gringas, too…

Caroline, resident cowgirl


...white cheese, white cheese, white cheese, olives...

Or ecru, linen, mother-of-pearl…

...white cheese, white cheese, white cheese in a yellowish wrapper, white cheese...

Sure is good, though. ;)



  1. Wow! Any decent Norwegian would x-country ski for miles to find a grocery store where all the cheese is white. Doesn’t look too likely this time of year though.

  2. mmm clever – as soon as I saw the title I laughed and clicked – and …. well You now offically OWE us all a blog on … “What to do with the Drunken Sailor? ” – its always been a problem here in the middle of landlocked Paraguay !
    Great blogging and Paraguay is going to miss you ! come back soon – its comforting joy to know you are just 5 hours down the garden path !

    1. Just in case Uruguay should fall off the map, I will be sure to come up with some options for dealing with drunken sailors in the event you should find yourselves suddenly swarming with them. As a responsible, upright citizen it is the least I can do. ;)

      I’m going to miss Paraguay, too, but it’s nice to know it’s so easy (well, after expenses and timing of course…) to get down here. Just a 12 hour flight down the garden path!!

      1. That would be great – I mean especially …. if its early in the morning – its always good to know exactly what to do with them … and we do need to be prepared. I guess eve and nights are covered – if you cant beat em….

  3. Actually, I always bring my own hairdye when I get my pink touched up.

    It’s common for punk colors, particularly if you have a brand that you really like. :)

    And I want to see peeectures of the purpley goodness!

    1. True, but to be expected to provide your own dye even for “regular” colors is, surely, not the norm Stateside…

      I think the purple shows up in some of the pics in my FB album, but I don’t know how well. I need to get a good shot of it before I go so I can post it! It looks really cute. ;)

  4. Love that post. I visited that shop when I was there for a cut and style. She does great work.Paraguay just lets you know there is more than one way to get things done.

    Enjoy your last two days I will be praying for safe travel back WI.

    1. Thanks for the prayers Sue!! And yes, she really was such a nice lady. I wish I’d needed something done with my hair- I’d’ve hopped right up into the chair! :D

    1. A greeting card missionaries can send to the folks at home around Christmas. Nothing helps raise funds like suggesting to the grandparents that their grandbabies are being driven around in a bidet with no seatbelts…

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