And now it’s time for…

Fun Facts With Ruth!

Fun Fact #1: It is entirely possible that one day you will have nice neighbors. Right across the hall, even. Their names could, theoretically, be April and Eduardo, and they could very well have a cool kid, and they might even have fun personalities and great senses of humor. And you might get to find out all of this while chatting with them in the hallway after firefighters do a walk-thru of your building to find out what bozo doesn’t know how to use the fan above their stove.


Fun Fact #2: If you wash your make-up off and get into your jammies early enough in the evening, the firefighters who knock on all the doors in your building to talk about fire safety will be so attractive that 29 and a half years’ experience with talking will not be enough to ensure the only words you use are real ones.

Why, Fire Marshall Smith– these are my fire-stompin’ pajamas of course!

Fun Fact #3: If after an apartment fire alarm fiasco you are in the shower and a ferret jumps in with you, you should probably pick it up because it really wants to lick water off your nose. And then later? If you’re in the living room with two ferrets and they’re both busy doin’ stuff? You should probably go lay down on the floor next to them because what they really want is to come over and sniff your face, and then lay down next to your head to take a nap.

Pssst! Skooch over!

And now you know.



  1. That’s funny. My cat is also currently laying down next to my head, but neither one of us is asleep yet, and I at least need to be, so goodnight! Hug the ferrets for me. :)

  2. I may have cackled at the word loss around firemen bit. They can be pretty pieces of man flesh, can’t they? Particularly when one isn’t prepared for said cuteness.

  3. People respond differently to the same situation. My response to the fire safety talk would be, “Yeah, yeah, I’m completely OCD about fire safety, just ask my wife”.

  4. Sounds like my Fun Fact #1, which is “If you make a quick run to the grocery store without your makeup and in the clothes you were wearing to clean house, you will see everyone you went to school with and they will be looking as if they just left a salon.” Glad the fire/near-fire resulted in meeting the neighbors and learning fun facts!!

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