So I was in a car accident last night.

Which is weird.

Oh Joy-- your poor nose!

Oh Joy– your poor nose!

I was on my way to a housewarming party when- pointlessly detailed story short- the driver in front of me had to slam on her brakes. I wasn’t right up on her tail or anything, but the light had just turned green, leaving all the cars closer together than they’d be otherwise, so even though I slammed on my own brakes immediately I couldn’t avoid hitting her.


Bye bye, $500 deductible.

My front end is crunched, but not too badly (I don’t think?) since I was only going about 15 mph. The car I hit was bigger and higher up than mine, so all it suffered were a few scuffs to the bumper. It’s going to come down as my fault, unfortunately, even though it was unavoidable in every sense of the word. And I have to say I’m pretty annoyed that the driver who caused the other girl to brake in the first place FLED THE SCENE WHEN THE ENTIRE THING WAS THEIR FAULT.

And oh my brrrrr was it cold outside! Because of the heavy traffic the other driver and I couldn’t sit in our cars while waiting for the cops to come- I was almost hit several times by vehicles zipping through the turn lane right behind me- so we had to stand in the snow while it was 0 degrees outside before the windchill! By the time they got there my fingers were so cold and hard that my phone wasn’t responding to my touch. I had to ask one of the police officers to tap my dad’s name on my screen so I could call home for a ride from the repair shop! BRRRRRR!!

Poor little car. You have been so good to me. I’m tired of seeing you on the backs of tow trucks. It ain’t right, little Joy. It ain’t right.

In conclusion: Drive safely, and if you do something stupid, please don’t flee the scene.


ETA: That minor crunch pictured above? Repair costs are estimated at $5,200. Never have I been so glad I have auto insurance! I also got a ticket for $114 and 3 points on my license (since someone must be blamed even though God knows it shouldn’t have been me). Fairy Godparents and Wish-Granting Genies: Apply Within…

ETA: The estimate has gone up closer to the tune of $6,000 (blessings upon you, AAA, for existing!!) and I won’t get my car back until at least next week. Yep. Two weeks for repairs on a low-speed impact. *smh*


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