Submitted for your viewing pleasure…

I’m sitting here cracking up all alone in a cold room while a crushing winter wind freezes the world outside my bedroom window in total contrast to the warmth of all this hilarity.


By which I mean to say: I’m in the middle of a rewatch of a web series I was introduced to this past summer – Research – and even now on my second go ’round I’m laughing at it like a crazy person.

Yes. That’s right. Barry Bostwick and Doug Jones. No lie.

Research is the brainchild of the folks at Mildly Fearsome Films, the same people who brought you Sudden Death! (“Finally, a musical where everyone dies.”)

Listen: I would not. steer. you wrong. Okay? Just press play. Trust me. Shh, shh… It’s okay, it’s okay…



  1. Ever so glad I clicked. “a little violence never hurt anyone.” “Come, Vagrant, I have plans for you.” Hooked. Thanks for sharing the bounty, or the bootie, or the spoils, or… OK, OK, the link.

    1. Holy crap, dude. Watching the playlist right now and gross-laughing. Next time I’m in town I owe you guys a beer.

      But not a fancy beer. I don’t think we’re at that place yet. Let’s not make this weird…

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