About Me

The Kinda Nitty But Not Super Gritty Basics

I act, write, love my family, adore concord grapes, and could always use a little more green in my life.

That’s basically it, but there’s all this empty space left so…

The family’s “missionary” pic

I was born in the suburbs of Chicago’s south side, where I lived with my parents and two younger siblings until the early 90s when my family moved to Asuncion, Paraguay where my folks were missionaries for a few years. My mom taught, my dad did construction, and I played make-believe while failing to learn to dress myself like a normal person.

I had the opportunity to visit friends there in January 2012 and blogged quite a bit during my trip. To start from the beginning of that OMG Nostalgia Overload NOM NOM NOM Empanadas Ahhhh! adventure, click here.

Our return to the States found us heading to the great-white-north that is Milwaukee, where I learned to call pop “soda,” but somehow never quite caught on to calling a drinking fountain a “bubbler.”

I’mma call that one a close save, tbh. (No offense Wisconsin! Love you! Kisses! Go Pack Go!)

I went on to get an ungodly expensive piece of paper from Carroll University, graduating with degrees in English and Theatre because apparently I never want to be employed. Ever.

LA: If the reality was as gold-tinted I might have stayed.

Unless it’s in roofing? I guess? No lie I’ve been working in the roofing industry on and off (but mostly on) since graduating from college. I’ve even got the silicone splattered steel-toed boots to prove it.

I spent a couple years in Canyon Country in Santa Clarita, CA, about 30 miles north of Los Angeles. I lived with friends and worked for a production company that taught me to love both sushi and Microsoft Outlook in ways I’d never previously thought possible.

I’ve been back in Wisconsin ever since, working for a roofing company by day, acting in plays at night, and going on road trips whenever I possibly can.

Actually – scratch all of that other stuff. The “perpetually longing to road-trip” part is really the only thing you need to know.

Finding Me on the Web

It’s almost creepy how many websites have got the goods on me. Some are more placeholders than actual roosts, but whatever. Among them…

Amazon: My Amazon wish list. If you don’t have one, get one. Fun and awesome. It’s like when you were a kid and “got” whatever you could touch first in the toy catalog. And because I’m a category lover:

Facebook: I’m not currently accepting friend requests from folks I don’t know IRL. Lo siento Internet Strangers Who I’m Sure Are Very Nice People. I do have my account set up to allow Followers, however, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Goodreads: What I’ve read, what I’m reading, and what I aim to read as soon as I can tear myself away from Netflix.

IMDB: This is the weirdest page on the entire internet that has anything to do with me and I love it!

Last.fm: I’m trying to become more active on Last.fm, and am absolutely accepting friend requests there from all you Weirdo Strangers On The Internet, so request away!

Tumblr: Tumblr. I’m on it.

Twitter: Twitter. I’m on it.

YouTube: My early videos are absolute nonsense. Even after I learned how to cut things out they’re often still just a great big ramble, but I enjoy being a participant in that community, and am so glad it exists and is free, so there they sit. Favorite YouTube channels:


  1. Feedback question….

    Part-time reader, first time poster.

    So I caught the overall theme as you struggle your way through the fact that the web format works for you as a person and actress and a twenty something.

    But I also see that it is not really much less of a mess than it was when I was your age. Granted you had to make your own pages and get your URL out to everyone you wanted to know about it, but the general text on a page with some pictures and links is still very much the same.

    I actually used to just search you by name in quotes because it was the way I found shows you were in. But that would always lead to your ‘everywhereness’. Although I have no real need to hassle you with questions because I basically just Google you to find your shows…I noticed that this new aggregate via WordPress feels really void of back and forth with your audience. Just curious as to the void of commentability (and dates) on the Home posting section of your new .


    Menomonee Falls, WI


  2. Mark! Gosh you’re just everywhere. :D Nice to see you, sir. :)

    I do wish people commented on here more. I have a feed set up so my posts are delivered to my Facebook profile as Notes. As such most of the comments I receive are only on FB and therefore only visible by my FB “Friends.”

    When comments are made on FB there does tend to be a lot of back-and-forth between readers and me, and amongst the readers themselves. Taking that next step to comment here, however, probably just doesn’t seem worth it since the FB setup is so socially friendly. I’d almost consider just cutting the feed altogether except that that’s how most folks read my blog, so I just go with it.

    As for dates not appearing on posts– they do. At the bottom. In tiny print. Along side a bunch of other small text about leaving comments, categories, tags, blah blah blah. *siiiigh* It’s annoying, but it’s also built into the WP theme I’m using so I can’t change that unless I go with a new theme, and changing themes can be such a hassle.

    I probably ought to just get in the habit of writing the date and time at the top of every entry. I’m just such a weenie about developing good habits… ;)

  3. WordPress themes…nuff said. And my, it feels good to post on a blog where someone actually puts up pics and video, cuz I feel bad RSSing everyone else but I am all about a little bling to go with the wordz.

  4. Same here. I hate to admit it because I think doing so may deduct GPA points off my English degree, but blogs that are just words are too much for me. It may make me a jerk to add this addendum, sure, but I can’t bring myself to read a blog over 4 paragraphs long even if it’s written by a friend if it doesn’t have a little somethin’ somethin’ to spice it up and attract my visual focus. I’m fine with books! But lengthy blogs with no pizzazz? Yeesh! (The worst are blogs with no paragraph breaks! Um… much like this comment, actually…)

  5. Cool site. Thanks for the comment on my Honduras page. I will write some more with pics so you should check it out. I went to Paraguay in 07 and it was great. The pollution not too much but the country was great. Where exactly in Honduras will you be at. If there is anything I can help out with please let me know. Blessings and thank you for working for the Lord!

  6. Enjoyed the bio. Wish lists? Yup. Got ’em too. I had two, but I deleted one which was filled with fantasy luxury items such as yachts, sports cars, etc. I figured with the current state of American televangelists, someone may take it seriously. If you ARE interested in buying a yacht, car or airplane for me, you have my permission. Enjoy your life, kiddo!

  7. Hey,

    Caught your blog due to following the Hagermanns and Kurrles blogs. We own a home in Sanber we’re hopefully going to move to end of this year (yes we know Carol very well!). Reason I’m posting this is that we plan on visiting PY this summer and will visit the Hagermann’s since they are now closer to Sanber than before. But we wanted to know if you could provide some idea of what foods/candy/etc….them and the girls would just swoon over from the US if we could surprise them with a care package? I’ll go back and re-read your PY posts because I think you mentioned something along these lines. But even if I’m dreaming this up and you didn’t, you hopefully can think of something as you spent so much time with them. You can email me at [removed].

    Thanks! Brad Bishop

    1. I’m on my way out the door– and just realized I’m late, shoot…– so I’ll get back to you in a bit. In the meantime I removed your email addy from your comment to save you from spam bots and weirdos. You and me, pal: We’re gonna come up with an awesome care package list! ;D

  8. Re-read your posts from Paraguay and uncovered your comment about skittles, thought I remembered you mentioning some type of candy. Shouldn’t of re-read those posts though, now it’s harder to patiently wait for June to roll around!!

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