Weekend Schmeekend

Weekend Schmeekend

Saturday: Awesome storms. Absolutely awesome. And unlike many parts of the country I can say that and *mean* it and *enjoy* it because I wasn’t getting flooded out of any place at any point.

I did wonder for a brief period of time on Saturday afternoon/evening if I ought to mosey on down to the parking garage under my building for fear of being too near a window when a tree branch came crashing into my home, but as it stands that didn’t happen, so all is well.

Went to Fave Local Townie Bar on Saturday night with friends and the place was only “pleasantly full” instead of “annoyingly packed” due to the large number of people who usually drive out from Milwaukee who apparently decided it wasn’t worth the risk to take the 25 minute drive out to the ‘sha just for some decent drink prices and an overly crowded dance floor.

Woo hoo!

I have a response vid I want to make today about “things I love.” (Thanks jallen285!) Here’s hoping I get to it because it’s silly-ish but fun. Then rehearsal at 7. Slightly less worried about the show, but still a bit paranoid. But what’s keeping me busy during the day is that while searching for a new job I’m going to be helping my dad get some stuff started up so he can keep busy and working and all that. Don’t know how it’ll play out yet, but we’ll get it all figured out.

Kind of a complicated arrangement, but everything works out. Sometimes it works out to where you’re brought so low in the process that you almost can’t fathom the losses, but it does work out. And I’m not afraid.



Mimi and my brother are flying to Niger this Monday afternoon. There’s a huge part of me that wishes I could join them, but I just don’t feel drawn to go for the same reasons they’re going. That, and it’s HOT in Niger. Did you know this? HOT. One of those “120 degrees in the shade” type countries.

Giraffes = Abundant? Yes.

Giraffes > Extreme Heat? No.

They have a stop in Casablanca. Cool, eh?

I found their flights and booked ’em a couple months back. In and out on Air Morocco. I’d like to visit Morocco one of these days. I priced it out on Sidestep and it’s around $1,600 if you fly out of O’Hare and have a stop at some Mohammad Something Or Other airport in Amsterdam.

Man… I can’t even imagine how much Dramamine I’d have to take to be able to handle a flight like that. Yowch.

Went out with Jen and her boyfriend Richard tonight. Had a drink and some mozz sticks, went for an hour long walk along the river in downtown Waukesha, went someplace else for another drink and a lot of sitting and gabbing. Such nice people. And luckily Jen’s a talker like me. ;) Poor Richard. ;)

And now, exhaustion sets in and I bid you all good night. Sweet dreams to you all of rivers, midnight walks with friends, and trips to Morocco…

Ahhh- lovely. “Amazigh,” even…

Also: I think it’s time we all started wearing more lightweight white tunics during the warm summer months. Heavy denim jeans and tight fitting t-shirts? *pfft* Pure silliness!!

Monday Monday *bah bah bah-bah-bah*

“Boy it sure is Monday…”

I’m watching “The Road to Wellville” and wondering what on earth I’m going to do about “Wait Until Dark.” I gave one of the dullest, most uninspired reads of my life tonight.

I just don’t know to do with her, who she is, what’s going on… I felt like such a dope. :S

I’m very excited about it, though, because three of the actors in it gave *awesome* reads. One of them, Randall, and I were cast in a show together several years ago, but something came up and he had to leave the show so we only worked together for about a week. He’s got this great vocal quality and a very fun read on his character.

The other two, Brian and Matthew, were in a show together last season, and I’ve done a couple of shows with Matthew myself, and they’re going to be great too! They’re both creepy in all the right ways. Very. Creepy.

God I hope I figure something out. And fast…

Geez. Aside from the weird food and the colonics, I could totally do this whole Road to Wellville thing.

Minus Dana Carvey’s George character, too. *jibbly jibbly jibbly* The kid who plays young George is also weird looking. Very weird looking. I almost don’t know which George is creepier, really.

I could go for some Ramen noodles. Perhaps– perhaps I shall have some…

Crab: Just Say No!

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

I’m at my parents’ house watching Deadliest Catch. Patches is resting by my feet with her head on my knee (I’m sitting cross-legged), I’m full of pizza, Bekah’s at work at her new job at the mall, David is out with his girlfriend picking up his motorcycle from… somewhere… and I just may swear off of crab forever after watching this show.

I’m starting my job search in earnest tomorrow. It’s kind of exciting, but a little intimidating.

Intimidating like– well like when you were given an assignment in school to write a paper about anything, provided that it was at least a certain length when you were finished. I can take a job where I do anything, provided that I earn at least a certain amount.

Aaahhh!! Too open-ended!!

Patches has shifted with me. She’s now resting her head on my ankle. I love having a dog around.

Rehearsals for “Wait Until Dark” start tomorrow night at Bucketworks. Don’t know what time yet, though. Hm. The show will be good, I think. I only know who four of the cast members are (including myself), but as long as we do our thing and we do it well, and as long as Mark Hooker has enough of a hand in it (it seems it’s being guest directed…), it’ll be good.

Is crab really tasty enough to warrant people subjecting themselves to jobs like the ones in this show? Mercy mercy me…

“If they wanna kiss my ass, well they better do it fast, ’cause we're all gonna die someday.”

Saturday Night

Aside from the fact that my yellow tank had small, darker yellow flowers on it, my shoes also had brown and a zipper on them, and my jacket is fur-lined, this was *exactly* my night last night: ———->

Yes, my Saturday. Which ended nice and early with a book and my bed.

But not before getting two messages on MySpace from some guy named Peter whose profile is set to private and who is talking to me like we know each other.

Do I know a Peter?

And now I’m dressing to eat pancakes and then go to my folks’ place to love them up. I love them.

Might even try to memorize some of my lines, maybe work on who the heck my character is since as of right now I have no idea and barely care.

Oh shoot. And I should work on my resume, too. Dangit.

I don’t want a job. I want a life.

“Chinese *was* my cheap suggestion.”

“Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.”
Elbert Hubbard

“No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up.”
Lily Tomlin

The Profit Motive Behind The Sexualization Of ‘Tween Girls

… “A lot of very sexual products are being marketed to very young kids,” said Gigi Durham, author of The Lolita Effect. “I’m criticizing the unhealthy and damaging representations of girls’ sexuality, and how the media present girls’ sexuality in a way that’s tied to their profit motives. The body ideals presented in the media are virtually impossible to attain, but girls don’t always realize that, and they’ll buy an awful lot of products to try to achieve those bodies. There’s endless consumerism built around that.” …

In the book, Durham identifies five myths of sexuality and provides advice and resources for caring adults who want to discuss the issue with young girls.

The myths are:

— If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Bare a “Barbie body” as often as you can. But don’t celebrate or enjoy any other body type. “It’s really excluding a lot of girls from enjoying and recognizing pleasure in their own bodies,” Durham said.

— Anatomy of a sex goddess. “Media reinforce a ridiculous ideal of being both extremely thin and voluptuous — a body not found in nature,” Durham said. “You have to go through borderline starvation and plastic surgery to get it.”

— Pretty babies. Representations of sexual girls are getting younger and younger. Many of the images presented as the most sexually desirable are images of girls as young as 11 or 12. “It’s problematic in many ways: It encourages sexualization of girls too young to make good decisions about sex. It legitimizes the idea that young girls should be looked at as sexual partners. And, presenting pre-pubescent bodies as the sexual ideal pressures grown women to achieve the body of a child who hasn’t even matured yet,” Durham said.

— Sexual violence is hot. Media aimed at children — like PG-13 “slasher” movies — convey the message that violence is sexy or that sex should be violent.

— Girls don’t choose boys; boys choose girls — and only hot girls. Women and girls are supposed to focus on pleasing men. But little emphasis is placed on women taking pleasure in their own sexuality or bodies, or on guys striving to please gals, Durham said. “It’s a very one-way construction of sex.”

“The book definitely isn’t anti-sex,” Durham said. “It starts with the recognition that girls are sexual — everybody’s sexual — but that girls deserve good information that will help them make good decisions. We have the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the industrialized world, and a study by the Centers for Disease Control just reported that 1 in 4 teen girls in the U.S. has an STD. Clearly we’re not giving them the kind of information they need to take care of themselves sexually and transition to adulthood in safe ways.” …


I’m writing a Craig’s List ad and let me tell ya’: It sucks. If I never put another letter between tags it’ll be too freakin’ soon.

Also: I wish I wasn’t already done with my spagetti-o’s and my Diet Mt. Dew, ’cause lemme tell ya– that was one tasty dinner. I could almost go for another can of Dew. Mmmmm… Diet Mt. Dew…

I’m a big girl. I have my own apartment. I have my own car. I pay my own bills. I am “I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. Do you know what that means?

It means, foo’s, that I can have another can of Diet Mt. Dew if I want one.

I’m catching up on this season’s episodes of “The Office” and having. a. blast. The episode I’m watching now is the one where Michael gets called in to Jan’s deposition about her termination and everyone is given a copy of Michael’s personal diary. I *heart* Toby.



Never mind. I don’t know if I really feel like a Diet Mt. Dew any more. Or– wait… Shoot. Deciding things is hard. :S

I wish I worked at Dunder Miflin. Or some place like Dunder Miflin. I wish there was a Dunder Miflin Milwaukee branch. I’d apply.

Ridiculosity. From the root “icu” meaning “there you are!”

Well: It’s a toss up.

I embed videos in my blog and people watch them and leave comments in the blog but never on the video’s page, which leaves the video’s page looking all empty, lonely, and unloved.

I link to videos in my blog and fewer people watch them and then leave no comments at all so I don’t know who it is that’s watching.

And I like to know because, you know, I want to be aware so I’m not– so I don’t– I’ll make the same video, but if I know my grandma’s watching it (because apparently she is, according to my mom) then I’m going to be a bit more selective in my language or whatever, you know? Just a “for example.”

And I don’t see it as self-censorship to use one word instead of another because I know lots of words. I did Word Clues.

My first Word Clues word? “Tomahawk” from “tom” meaning “to cut.” Melissa Prah came up with that word when she wrote it in my WC notebook to show me an example of how to do the assignments when I switched into Mrs. W’s class freshman year after spending first semester in Mrs. L’s class.

Yeah. They put me in Mrs. L’s class first semester because I wanted to take Art (offered during Mrs. W’s English class time slot) and they assumed my new interest in an elective ought to supersede my placement in one of the academic classes I also wanted to take. *sigh*


I was Stumbling and saw this quiz for “What Drug Should I Try?” and I haven’t take a quiz in ages so I took it and apparently I should try LSD.

Runner up: Ecstasy

The bronze: ‘Shrooms

Holding up LSD’s flower garland to keep it from brushing the ground: Alcohol

Distant 5th: Pot

The heck?


I’m officially addicted to Polyvore.

Before I used to play Solitaire while on hold on the phone or while watching a boring movie which I can’t turn off because there’ll be nothing else to do. Now instead I’m on Polyvore throwing outfits together.

What I love is creating something super cute and discovering every piece is available from a store I already shop at and the prices on everything are reasonable except for the flower hair clip or the socks or something. They’ll turn out to be $400 Prada socks, or a $250 Jimmy Choo hair clip designed to match a specific pair of shoes from a line that’s been discontinued and is only available used from a style blog out of Austria so you need a translator to navigate the check out page.

Fashion is ridiculous.


Work was hard today.

I’m anxious to start a new job, but am a little afraid, too. There’s always been the family business to fall back on. Now I’m afraid no one else will want me. Or that they’ll think I’m under qualified and not pay me enough for me to pay my bills. Or worse that they’ll think I’m over qualified and either not hire me at all or put me in a higher position that I’m not ready for just because my job responsibilities at the family co. were big ones.


This is nutso. I’m going to bed.

Always… sunscreen… something something…

My sister’s high school graduation ceremony was today. Yay Bekah Rose! Mimi was in town for it so my folks and David and Mimi and I went there this afternoon to watch.

It’s only the second high school graduation I’ve ever attended, the other being my own. I think it’s pretty safe to say that after today I will do everything in my power to never attend another high school graduation ceremony unless one of the people receiving a diploma that day was birthed from mine own loins.

It wasn’t horrible or anything, it was just really long and really boring. One of the guys gave a fun speech, but the rest were just– ugh. Lamentable. Who’s the speech teacher these days and why haven’t they been fired?

A lot of “mortarboards worn on the back of the head” amongst the lady types this afternoon. If there’s one thing dippier looking than wearing a graduation cap, it’s wearing a graduation cap on the back of your head. Especially with that *receding neck* pose you have to maintain to keep the cap from sliding off in spite of your best efforts to bobby pin it in place. Two girls lost theirs while walking across the stage to receive their diplomas because of this dippierness.

*chuckles* I am so glad I don’t have to wear one of those ever again!

The stuff with the fam was fun. That Bekah’s a sweet girl. I like her. I took a bunch of video clips throughout the afternoon, but then my battery died around the time the ceremony itself ended so I missed a lot.

One of the things I missed catching– but it’s just as well because had I caught it on tape, even on accident, it would have been creepy and icky and weird and there’s no way I would have posted it anyway– was this girl who came to the ceremony who was wearing shorts that were so tight and so short that in the five feet from her car door to the side walk she had to pull her shorts out of… um… out of her… yeah… four times. Four. Times. In five feet. And of course she was in a brightly colored top and high heels so you just can’t help but notice her. She couldn’t even walk straight in those things, even after her shoes were off. It was like they’d given her a mad case of thigh-chafe or something.

Oh my gosh. Too funny.

Seriously, dear heart: You have great legs and a tight butt- which won’t last as long as you’d like but by golly you’ve got it now so enjoy it! Dress as sexily as you want, but at least have the sense to do so in clothing that doesn’t have the option of being removed via your throat. There were plenty of lovely, Cosmo Girl! examples of alternatives at the ceremony today. I’m sure with a little creativity you’ll be able to come up with something.

I’d post the video here, but what ends up happening when I do that is that no one rates them or leaves comments on the video’s page on YouTube- they just leave them all here- and that leaves the video’s YouTube page looking abandoned and lonely. So to watch the vid, click here.

I’d give you Bekah’s YouTube username so you could harass her while you’re there, but I’m not sure that she’s even on YouTube, so phooey on that plan. My mom’s got an account though (but no videos). Isn’t that cute?!

Also, I apologize for the chunk from 3:28 to 4:14 where the class treasurer talks about one of the two student gifts. I left it in for my sis (whose speech in DELIGHTFULLY short). So uh, sorry about that part. :P

Aren’t you glad we’re done with high school? Oh Lordy…


For Nicole G.:

See?! You must go. Must. www.Polyvore.com.