Talley’s Folly A Success!

Talley’s Folly at SummerStage just opened last night, but the positive reviews are already pouring in!

“Better than Phantom!”

– My grandma, who had just seen the Marcus Center’s production with my mom the night before

“That was really good honey. We’re so proud of you.”

– My mom, who suspiciously did not reference the show’s quality in comparison to Phantom

“This is my favorite part!”

– Random guy during a silent, tender moment one minute from the end of the show

A giant, heartfelt THANK YOU!!! to all who joined us on opening night!

Performance #2 begins tonight at 7:30 pm on the SummerStage grounds at Lapham Peak State Park in Delafield, WI (1 mile south on Hwy C off exit 285 on I-94). It drizzled a bit this afternoon, so if you’re coming to tonight’s show, plan on bringing lawn chairs, or if you’re planning on sitting on a picnic blanket, you may want to bring along a tarp to lay down beneath it.

Click here for full details.

Wayward Sunsets

I’m not entirely sure why people searching* for reviews of Prelude to a Kiss at Sunset Playhouse are being brought here since (until now, of course) the title of that show hasn’t been mentioned on this blog.

I mean, I do talk about Sunset Playhouse from time to time, and I did write about auditioning for that show, and the word “review” appears all over the place. But I don’t think I ever mentioned the title of that particular show anywhere here. I did a site search and everything and it came up empty… Did I miss it somewhere?

Regardless: Who am I not to give the people what they want?!**

People of the World! Wandering Searchers!
I am here to serve as your Google-go-between
when the Mighty Goog fails you!

I saw the show myself this past Thursday and wish Susan Loveridge had gotten a nod in the ExpMke review (it’s the only one out at the moment) because she was a lot of fun in it too. But then- that’s Susan for you. The show itself was quite enjoyable with some excellent performances, particularly from the show’s three leads. Stop out if you can.

*One of WordPress’s cooler features is that it provides statistics on what pages readers are viewing, what links they’re clicking on when they arrive, what links they clicked on to bring them to the blog in the first place, and what search engine terms they looked up that brought them by. Don’t worry, though- it’s not totally creepy. I can’t see who is doing the searching, or even their IP address.